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523793 Pigmentets pulveris Mystique Effect 0,3 g Nr 1

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Mystique is dust that creates a soft satin shimmer effect on the nails. Depending on the base color or personal preference, you can choose from five shades - pink, purple, gold, pastel malachite, and blue.

Each Mystique Effect shade has a special pigmentation that gives nails a subtle and delicate shine. This effect is created by tiny pearlescent particles that reflect light and create a magical shimmer on the nail surface.

Mystique Effect is easy to apply on the nails and lasts well for a long time. It combines perfectly with different nail polish colors and can be used as a stand-alone design element or to create various patterns and decorations on the nails.

With a wide range of shades, Mystique Effect allows every woman to find the perfect match for her style and mood. No matter which color you choose, Mystique Effect will give your nails an elegant and luxurious look.

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